...where warriors play lacrosse.

Photo courtesy of Firefly Photography 

Wichita Lacrosse Association (WLA) welcomes you to Wichita Lacrosse. It is our mission to promote the sport of lacrosse. The board is committed to lacrosse's tradition of scholarship and service by teaching self sacrifice, respect and responsibility on and off the field.

Congratulations New Officers!

2012-2013 WLA Board Members:

Name                              Title                              Contact Email
John Collins                   Chairman                            chairperson@wichitalacrosse.com
Mark Wells                    Vice Chairman                     vice-chair@wichitalacrosse.com
Sue Jenkins                  Secretary                           secretary@wichitalacrosse.com
Julie Schrader               Treasurer                           treasurer@wichitalacrosse.com

Current Officers (Wichita Wingmen Men's Club Lacrosse Team):

Name                              Title                              Contact Email
Dan Niemczyk           President                            niemczyk.dan@gmail.com
Garrett Alley           Vice President                      garrettalley@gmail.com
Paul Sawatski          Secretary                            psawatski@gmail.com
Joe MacDonald        Treasurer                            josephmichaelmacdonald@gmail.com

Soon we will be publishing our charter which provides rules that govern the association.
-Each group (youth, High School) has a budget.  A budget is presented to the board and to the members before the season and put a vote to accept the budget.
The parents vote for the head coach each year.
-Each parent who has registered and paid their yearly dues is eligible to vote, nominate and be an officer. 

Special Thanks:
To all parents of the Youth and High School players who make our program more and more successful

Dave Sherman for the endless passion and for running the High School team.  We wish him luck in starting the High School girls team

And to our local fan base!  Thanks everyone for your continued support!